Duke-American Transmission Co.

We bring together the strengths of two leading electric industry companies to build, own and operate new electric transmission facilities throughout North America.


New study highlights the risks and costs of not planning for a strong, flexible transmission network

WASHINGTON, DC – A new study commissioned by WIRES says policy makers must press electric grid planners to recognize and evaluate a full spectrum of enhanced transmission benefits and improved interregional planning processes, while also considering the risks and potentially high costs of an insufficiently robust and flexible grid. Challenges to the electricity-dependent economy cannot […]

Five contestants vie for California power line

Washington, 17 April (Argus) — The California primary grid operator’s plan to build a 500kV transmission line from southern Arizona into southern California has drawn bids from a wide variety of developers, power generation owners and utilities vying to win the $300mn project, with five proposals on the short list. Read the article on argusmedia.com.

Developers Lament Lack of Tx Competition, Interregional Projects under Order 1000

‘Back to the Drawing Board’ By Rich Heidorn Jr. and Michael Brooks WASHINGTON — The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission needs to do more to ensure Order 1000 opens transmission development to competition and results in interregional projects, developers said last week. Read the article on RTO Insider.

Generators must consider energy storage

I attended POWER-GEN International in Orlando, Fla., in early December. The event is one of PennWell’s largest, as well as the largest power generation event in the world. I sat in on a session titled “Energy Storage Applications From a Generator’s Perspective.” Having read and written about energy storage from the electricity distribution perspective, I […]

For DATC, grid expansion is a team effort.

Fortnightly Magazine – October 2014 As an industry, electric transmission today embodies both old and new. For every established, old-line utility building new lines to ensure reliability within its regulated service territory, there’s a private developer, looking to unlock the potential of far-flung windpower resources. Here, we interview the two top executives at Duke-American Transmission […]

Wind Power For Los Angeles Would Travel Across Colorado

Four companies proposed an $8 billion project Tuesday that within a decade could send wind energy generated on the plains of Wyoming to power-thirsty households in Southern California.

Renewable Energy Plan Hinges on Huge Utah Caverns

A proposal to export twice as much Wyoming wind power to Los Angeles as the amount of electricity generated by the Hoover Dam includes an engineering feat even more massive than that famous structure

Zephyr Power Transmission Project update

The Zephyr Power Transmission Project is a proposed transmission line to connect the Pathfinder Renewable Wind Project in eastern Wyoming with communities in the southwestern U.S. that have a demand for clean, reliable and affordable energy.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory completes a California-Wyoming Grid Integration Study

On March 24 the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority released the final version of the NREL economic study that it previewed in January.

DATC’s Flynn, Lundberg, Myers to present at Infocast’s Transmission Summit 2014

Three representatives from Duke-American Transmission Co. will speak at Infocast’s 17th Annual Transmission Summit in Washington, D.C., March 12-14, 2014.