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Generators must consider energy storage

I attended POWER-GEN International in Orlando, Fla., in early December. The event is one of PennWell’s largest, as well as the largest power generation event in the world. I sat in on a session titled “Energy Storage Applications From a Generator’s Perspective.” Having read and written about energy storage from the electricity distribution perspective, I […]

Zephyr Power Transmission Project update

The Zephyr Power Transmission Project is a proposed transmission line to connect the Pathfinder Renewable Wind Project in eastern Wyoming with communities in the southwestern U.S. that have a demand for clean, reliable and affordable energy.

California winds of change waft toward Wyoming

Wyoming wind energy must be marketed properly to skeptical Californians in order to capitalize on the Golden State’s strict renewable energy laws, according to a panel of energy experts.

Two Wyoming “Rapid Response” Transmission Projects Moving Closer to Development Completion

TransWest Express, Gateway West achieve major federal permitting milestones

Wyoming Makes Power Play

Wyoming has strong winds and a sparse population, making it a great place to put wind turbines but a lousy place to sell wind energy. A group of developers want the state to become a wind-power supplier to California.

Wyoming wind industry waits on new power lines

By 2020, power generated by Wyoming wind could find its way to California, Colorado, Idaho and Nevada.

Simply put, Wyoming wind’s greatest potential customers likely live outside the state. But something’s got to bring the power there.

Zephyr Power Transmission Project open house in Wheatland, Wyo., rescheduled for Apr. 30

Duke-American Transmission Co. has rescheduled a Zephyr Power Transmission Project open house in Wheatland, Wyo., originally scheduled for earlier this month but was cancelled due to inclement weather.

Transmission line may pass through Albany County

A proposed 3,000-megawatt transmission line that would connect a wind energy development near Chugwater with an electrical grid near Las Vegas could pass through northern Albany County.

Feedback generally positive for Zephyr project

Feedback for a tentative route for a new transmission line slated to pass through Carbon County was generally positive and constructive at an open house on the project.

Studies: Wyoming and Colorado benefit by combining wind power

Wyoming and Colorado would benefit by combining their wind energy resources, studies released Monday by the University of Wyoming and a national research laboratory show.