Duke-American Transmission Co.

We bring together the strengths of two leading electric industry companies to build, own and operate new electric transmission facilities throughout North America.

Design, build, operate

Designing, building & operating the nation’s transmission infrastructure

DATC partners have designed and built thousands of miles of new transmission infrastructure and operate large portions of the nation’s electric transmission system. We are committed to delivering a strong portfolio of reliability, economic and renewable energy benefits, using emerging technologies to meet challenges with well-designed, well-built and well-operated solutions.

Designs on the Future

With more than 160 years of combined experience designing transmission systems, our planning and engineering teams design unique systems to match unique circumstances and requirements, applying regional best practices and combining them with the local knowledge of the incumbent utility.

Building on Experience

Our projects accommodate challenging terrain and environmentally and culturally sensitive areas, are resilient under stress and can recover quickly. We use technologies that meet the specific need, without overbuilding and adding unnecessary cost.

Operational Excellence

We are well respected in the industry for efficient and effective operations, and continuously strive to improve operations. We benchmark operations performance to the industry, and year after year, achieve industry-leading reliability performance.