Duke-American Transmission Co.

We bring together the strengths of two leading electric industry companies to build, own and operate new electric transmission facilities throughout North America.

About us

Duke-American Transmission Co. has a vision for transmission development that:

  • Improves electric system reliability
  • Increases grid efficiency, thus reducing energy delivery costs
  • Improves access to the wholesale electricity market for local distribution companies, which can pass savings on to electric consumers
  • Supports public policy energy goals by cost-effectively bringing high-quality renewable resources to market
  • The nation’s largest electric power holding company, serving 7.6 million customers in six states

  • $138 billion in total assets (as of 12/31/17)

  • Owns and operates 31,900 miles of transmission lines

  • Transmission-owning member of MISO and PJM regional transmission organizations

  • Identified $8 billion of transmission infrastructure projects, including one approved MISO Multi-Value Project

  • Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C.

  • 28,798 employees (as of 12/31/16)

  • Founded in 1904

  • Fortune 125 company listed on New York Stock Exchange under symbol "DUK"

  • Formed in 2001 as the nation’s first, multi-state transmission-only utility

  • $4.7 billion in assets

  • Invested $4.5 billion in upgrading and building more than 2,900 miles of transmission lines and more than 200 substations in four Midwestern states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois

  • Projecting $2.8 billion to $3.4 billion in transmission infrastructure projects over the next decade in current service area

  • Excellent track record of project approvals

  • Owns and operates more than 9,600 miles of transmission lines and 554 substations

  • Headquartered in Wisconsin with more than 650 employees

  • Transmission-owning member of MISO