Duke-American Transmission Co.

We bring together the strengths of two leading electric industry companies to build, own and operate new electric transmission facilities throughout North America.

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Wind energy top source for new generation in 2012; American wind power installed new record of 13,124 MW

The U.S. wind energy industry had its strongest year ever in 2012, the American Wind Energy Association announced today

UW Study confirms how Wyoming wind energy complements and benefits California

A new study shows that incorporating Wyoming wind energy into California‚Äôs electricity system would both reduce system volatility and the need to supplement California renewables with dispatchable generation…

Wind Statistics

The American Wind Energy Association reports the U.S. wind industry has added more than 35 percent of all new generating capacity over the past four years…. Learn more from AWEA.

Economic Impact

A May 2011 Brattle Group study estimates that more than 150,000 jobs could be created annually in the U.S. over the next two decades by upgrading and expanding the grid. Learn more from Brattle.