Duke-American Transmission Co.

We bring together the strengths of two leading electric industry companies to build, own and operate new electric transmission facilities throughout North America.

Need to develop transmission?

Partner with a leader – Duke-American Transmission Co.

Together DATC partners own and operate approximately 10 percent of the nation’s grid, more than 41,000 miles of lines, and have invested $7 billion in new transmission infrastructure in the last 10 years — more than any other transmission owner/operator in the country.

Financial strength

Transmission is one of the most capital intensive industries in the U.S. Unlike investors from outside the industry, DATC understands the needs of transmission investment throughout the project life cycle. Transmission investment requires significant resources, and DATC partners have strong credit ratings and access to capital.

Ready to partner with you

DATC has a vision of transmission as the enabler of efficient generation markets, and is committed to delivering a strong portfolio of reliability, economic and renewable energy benefits. From concept to completion, we know transmission.