Duke American Transmission Co.

Strategic transmission infrastructure across North America

DATC is focused on developing and maintaining the transmission system as a whole, and identifying areas where transmission is needed to address gaps, relieve constraints and move renewables to market. We are proposing projects across the U.S. to improve reliability, move renewable energy and deliver economic benefits. Learn more about each project by clicking on the map above or links below.

  • Path 15 Transmission Line
    A transmission line that connects the northern and southern California transmission grids and plays a key role in maintaining statewide electric system reliability and market efficiency.
  • Zephyr Power Transmission Project
    A high-voltage direct-current line that will deliver renewable energy generated in wind-rich areas of Wyoming to communities in the southwestern U.S.
  • Midwest Portfolio
    A phased portfolio of projects in five states that that addresses system reliability concerns, provides savings by connecting low-cost resources to higher cost demand centers, and delivers renewable resources such from wind-rich areas.
  • San Luis Transmission Project
    A proposal to build a new transmission line in California to enhance delivery of low-cost power for use to transport federal water in the San Joaquin Valley, Central Coast and to Bay Area water agencies and farms.